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Celebrating Exam Success!

Our hearts were lifted by the news that some of the students we support at Kanzi-Kibera Friends have achieved surprisingly good results in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations (KCPE for short) this year.

Against all odds

The children attending informal schools in the slums of Kibera face a huge uphill task in attempting to graduate from primary school to secondary school. The resources provided by the state for their education are so meager, whereas the KCPE exams are graded the same; regardless of the schools’ resources.
2021 is an exceptional year for Kanzi supported students with the Giftedhands Educational Center providing some excellent results. The other schools we support did not submit any students for the exam this year, but a number of students are preparing for next year.

Achievements At Giftedhands

One of the students at the Giftedhands Educational Center achieved a very impressive score of 377 out of 500 in the KCPE examinations, which means that 75% of the answers were correct. Thirteen other students achieved more than 50% leaving only two of the supported candidates scoring less than 50%.

Kanzi-Kibera Friends has worked with Giftedhands over the years to ensure that the children have every opportunity that we can provide for them to develop their talents. Class Eight at Giftedhands recently sat for the KCPE exams, the fifth year in a row that the school has entered pupils for these national examinations. The whole class achieved exceptional results with 3 pupils scoring 350 and above, 7 scoring between 300 and 349, 4 scoring between 250 and 299 and only 2 scoring below 250; which was due to even more difficult family circumstances than the rest of the class are having to endure.

Why we celebrate their success

All these children have taken a significant step on life’s journey by sitting these examinations at such a challenging time. Our prayer is that they will all go on to secondary school where they will achieve the next step in the difficult journey out of Kibera. The children and their parents were invited to school to celebrate their success with the director, staff and Kanzi volunteers; we celebrate their success with them!

With your support, we can provide even more encouragement for the next group of students ready to face this challenge.

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