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Uncovering the hidden gems in one of Africa’s largest urban slums.

Helping to transform lives and create leaders who understand the lives of people in Kibera.

We are a British registered charity, raising funds to help support education in the slums of Kibera, just outside Nairobi. The word ‘Kanzi’ means ‘Hidden treasure’ which, we believe, relates to the unlocked potential of children in Kibera; destined for a life of poverty if they are unable to gain an education.

Because the people living in Kibera are viewed as squatters by the Kenyan government, the education provision is inadequate for the many children who grow up there. As a result of this, informal schools are created by individuals who believe in the importance of education. We have connected with four such schools and pledged to help them, in any way we can, to reach their goal of raising these children out of poverty through the gift of education.

Our mission is based on four core values. These are:

Education is the only sustainable route out of poverty
Education is the only way that children can fulfil their potential and lift themselves out of poverty.
Empowerment through education
We need to boost children’s self-esteem and encourage them to seek higher aspirations, beyond the confines of Kibera.
Food for effective learning
Hungry children cannot learn effectively. Making sure children are well-fed is an essential part of supporting the four schools.
Small but powerful
We are small in number, but our impact is multiplied by our strong bonds with the local community surrounding the schools in Kibera, as well as our friends in the UK.
For more information about Kanzi-Kibera Friends and our work in Kenya, please use the contact page and your message will be directed to the most relevant member of the team.

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