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Southport visits Kibera

We (Paul, Harriet and Janetta from All Saints Church, Southport), were very grateful to Patrick for his time as he escorted us in safety to visit the 4 supported local schools in Kibera.

We were very moved by Linda Care and the work of Caroline and Trisha. They provided the children with a safe and loving environment which must be such a comfort to the mums who have to go out to work. We provided them with some toys, books, scissors, plates, cups, posters and nappies and we were treated to a delicious lunch of rice, beans and cabbage.

What can we say about Martha and her team at Cana but RESPECT. Martha has a dignified and quiet determination to provide for the children in her school in the most difficult of circumstances. The conditions were cramped, and the children worked in poor light, yet the work they produced was admirable. Martha’s dream is to move to new and better premises. We provided them with text books, stationary etc.

Gifted Hands School was a joyous place to visit. The children had outdoor space to run around and play and the sound of the children was delightful. We provided footballs and skipping ropes and helped to feed the children. Then attended an after-school debate in which the children were taught how to discuss opposing views with respect for each other’s opinions. The level of debate was high. The children were fully aware of external influences that are not good for them such as drugs, alcohol and attacks by adults. The children at this school were confident and engaged and wanted to learn.

We had a brief visit to Fruitful school and took along books, stationary etc and we also bought jewellery which they made to support the orphans at the school. They were looking forward to moving to their new accommodation. The children sang for us ‘we are fearfully and wonderfully made’ which will leave a lasting impression on us all.

The Resource centre To end our trip to Kibera, we all came together on the Friday and were treated to traditional dancing and singing and we even joined in but we couldn’t compete with the wonderful dance moves of the children. We bought sanitary products for the girls that are washable and reusable which the girls were delighted with.

Patrick explained to the children how Harriet has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Kibera and the Mount Meru hospital in Arusha. Paul told the girls they were equal to the boys but God had made the boys physically stronger and therefore, they had a duty of care to look after their sisters and mothers etc. He reminded them of Jesus’ humble beginnings.

We prayed for the children in their upcoming exams and asked God to bless them and we finished with the Grace.

Who would have thought that a chance meeting in the Yorkshire Dales with Cyprian would have resulted in such a time as this? We have learned how a simple meal can transform lives, provide hope and show Christ’s love in the world for the children living in Kibera.

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