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Family Fun Day

Our Chairman, Cyprian Yobera, recently enjoyed a wonderful day representing Kanzi at the Lady Barn House School family fun day. This is just one of many special activities they will have throughout this year, to celebrate their 150th anniversary.

Apart from selling Kibera bead-work and raising over £100, Cyprian also met the Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport. This provided a unique opportunity to tell them about Kanzi Kibera Friends and the newly formed partnership between pupils of Lady Barn and the children of Kibera. They were very interested to hear that Lady Barn has adopted Kanzi Kibera Friends as their international charity for the foreseeable future. As the Mayor and Mayoress attend numerous public events and functions, we hope they will spread the word about our work in Kibera.

Cyprian also had the opportunity to have similar conversations with several parents who found their way to the beads stall. They had different levels of interest in Kenyan children for various reasons. Their reasons ranged from having visited Kenya; having friends or relatives living there; to some who still have parents living there. Cyprian commented that he had never been anywhere in England where there was such a concentration of people who have a connection with, and knowledge of, Kenya. 

The highlight of the day for Cyprian came when one of the parents offered to do a fundraising bike ride for Kanzi Kibera Friends. This parent has a regular group of cycling buddies who have undertaken similar fundraising events in the past. As we know, such events spread the word about our charity to entirely new groups of people and our network of friends becomes ever wider.

Kanzi Kibera Friends are very blessed to have Lady Barn House School as one of their faithful friends and supporters. They have been very generous in recent years, supplying iPads, laptops, learning materials, clothing, footwear, and welcoming Cyprian to many events to raise our profile within the school community.

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