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Meaningful Christmas Gifts 

Gift-giving is part of the joy of Christmas, especially if it is such a thoughtful gift that it will enhance the quality of life of others where any gift will mean so much.

Here at Kanzi Kibera Friends we have a range of practical presents that you can gift on behalf of a loved one and receive a stylish Gift Certificate to confirm what has been given in their name. Here is the choice of essential food gifts and support for pupils in school:

A 25kg sack of Maize £10

  • providing the carbohydrate for hundreds of lunches, maize is Kenya’s staple food.

A 25kg sack of Nyayo beans £12

  • providing essential protein for hundreds of lunches

 A box of fresh vegetables £20

  • To feed all the children in one of our four schools for one week

 School Starter Kit £10

  • including pencils, an exercise book, an eraser, a ruler, a bowl and cup for lunch plus a bag to carry it all in for a child just starting school

 School Stationery for a class £10

  • including 25 pencils, 25 exercise books, 25 pencil sharpeners and 25 erasers

A new School Outfit £30

  • including dress or shorts and T-shirt, socks and good shoes

The ordering process:

  1. Choose the gifts that appeal to you or your friend at the price point you wish to spend.
  2. Press the “Donate Now” button to link to our JustGiving page and make the donation for the total cost of your gifts
  3. Email our Gift Certificate Administrator, Julie, directly on julieregan59@gmail.com to let her know
  • Your name
  • The name of the gift giver (if different to the above)
  • Your choice of gift(s)
  • The name of the recipient if you would like the name pre-printed on the Gift Certificate. If you would rather that the certificate was left blank so that you can write in the names on yourself simply let Julie know that in your email.

Our sincere thanks for using this opportunity to enhance the lives of others at Christmastime.

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