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Kanzi Resource Centre Receives 13 Laptops

David, a long-time Friend of Kanzi, recently introduced us to a company called ‘Southernsbroadstock’, who have now donated 13 laptops to Kanzi Kibera Friends. This is a very welcome addition to the IT facilities in the Resource Centre.

David also introduced us to another contact called Shanti. He and his friends have a deep connection with Kenya as they grew up there and are all actively involved in the IT industry. They have formed The Thika Alumni Trust (TTAT), which collects donated laptops and computers for distribution to under resourced schools in Kenya, particularly in the rural areas. Their mission is to establish computer labs in these schools, which otherwise would not have access to such technology.

Shanti and his team programme the donated laptops to enable access to the innovative concept known as the ‘Internet in a Box’ (IIAB). This provides children with access to a comprehensive collection of resources through a local server, eliminating the need for them to navigate the World Wide Web. IIAB can continually be enhanced with additional programs, particularly those focused on education. Shanti and his team aspire to further enhance this initiative by incorporating the entire Kenyan educational curriculum into the IIAB. This will prove to be an incredible asset for the resource centre, which aims to support children in Kibera to narrow the educational gap between themselves and their peers growing up in more privileged circumstances.

After a long journey via ship, the computers have finally arrived in the Kanzi Resource Centre. The shipping costs were surprisingly low, coming in at less than £200, as they were included in the TTAT shipment to Kenya. We are very grateful to Shanti and to David for donating the money to cover these costs.

A small group of children, from the schools we support, gathered to say thanks to Southernsbroadstock and TTAT on behalf of all the children who will benefit from using the laptops. We are pleased to welcome Southernsbroadstock and TTAT as Friends of Kanzi Kibera and are extremely grateful for their interest and support.

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