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Significant Progress with Rebuilding Cana School

Significant progress has recently been made with the project to rebuild Cana Junior School. Kanzi Kibera Friends have been very involved in raising funds for this project and having on-site involvement in procuring tradespeople and materials. Thanks to all our very generous Friends and supporters, we recently sent a further £5,000 to progress the upper floor and make the building watertight to prevent weather-damage.

Our aim was to have the building work completed before Christmas, whilst recognising there would still be further work needed. The local tradespeople worked tirelessly and managed to complete the walls, ring beam, trusses, roof, fascia board, and guttering by Christmas. Some workers were so committed that they even applied finishing touches on Christmas Day itself.

Once this work was completed however, it still required metal bars on the front windows and railing on the stairs and balcony to ensure the safety of the children. Unfortunately, the funds we sent were insufficient to cover this additional expense. Always rising to a challenge, Martha, the school’s director, continued her fundraising and managed to obtain the necessary funds for the required metal work. This ensured the children’s safety while using the stairs and walking along the first-floor corridor and balcony. They are now able to use the building, although there are still finishing touches needed.

The barricading iron sheets in front of the school will be removed once the ditch in front of the school is secured. Cement slabs will be needed to cover the ditch to make the front entrance safe for the children and staff to use.

The next steps will include plastering, smoothing, painting, and installing doors for all the classrooms. Additionally, there will be the installation of protective shutters on the back windows. The electrical work will come later as part of the finishing touches. The school, as well as Kanzi Kibera Friends, will continue fundraising to see this project through to completion. If you feel inspired to donate to this project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or donate via this website. Let’s make Cana a wonderful place for the children to learn in.

Martha, together with all the children and staff, wish to send their thanks to all our Friends and Supporters for all their generous help to rebuild Cana Junior School.

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