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Cyprian Yobera recently spent the morning at a fundraiser sports day at Lady Barn House School, Cheadle. The money raised will go towards Kanzi Kibera Friends which the school has chosen as their partnership charity. This partnership has started in a very special year in the school’s history; the school is celebrating its 150th anniversary.
Cyprian, together with some of the children, had the privilege of being given exercise instructions by British Olympic swimming star, Lauren Quigley.

Early Year Education (EYE) – (Pre-Primary & Lower Primary (Grades 1-3)) teaches basic skills to the learners who enter the education system at a minimum age of 4 years.

Subjects for lower primary
Kiswahili Language Activities/Kenya Sign Language for learners who are deaf
English Language Activities
Indigenous Language Activities
Mathematical Activities
Environmental Activities
Hygiene and Nutrition Activities
Religious Education Activities
Movement and Creative Activities

Middle School

Upper primary is part of middle school (together with lower secondary). It is a three year programme where learners are exposed to a broad curriculum and given an opportunity for exploration and experimentation.
Subjects for Upper Primary

Kiswahili or Kenya Sign Language (for learners who are deaf)
Home Science
Science and Technology
Religious Education (CRE/IRE/HRE)
Creative Arts
Physical and Health Education
Social Studies

Foreign Languages (Arabic, French, German, Mandarin)

NB: ICT will be a learning tool in all areas.
Pertinent and contemporary issues will be mainstreamed in all Subjects.

At the end of grades 3, 6, 9 and 12, the Kenya National Examination Council  will provide assessment, which together with a combination of class-based assessment will determine if a learner is fit to proceed to the next level.

All the 4 Kanzi linked schools have started teaching this new curriculum. Only Gifted Hands has a class in the final year so they are still doing the old 844 curriculum. The final KCPE examination will be at the end of 2022.

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