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The Dada Mtaani Program sought to establish a safe and open space for girls to discuss menstrual health challenges without fear of judgment. As a location, Kanzi Resource Centre provided an accessible and safe space to encourage girls attending the program, to talk about their lived experiences with confidence.

To maximize participation, the organizing team visited neighbouring houses in Kibera, inviting all teenage girls to attend. Formal invitations were extended to girls from local schools supported by our organization, including Cana Junior, Fruitful, and Gifted Hands. A total of 40 girls attended the Dada Mtaani Program, aged between 13 and 18 years old.The event started by welcoming the girls, then facilitated open discussions before lunch was served. After lunch, sanitary products were distributed before the meeting closed with prayer and thanksgiving.

The success of the Dada Mtaani Program was made possible through the generous support of Kanzi Kenya and Pastor Sammy Njiru, a supporter of our work in Kibera. Girls attending talked of the difficulty in obtaining effective sanitary products which limited their attendance at school and confidence to participate in activities outside the home during menstruation. The Dada Mtaani Program marks a pivotal moment in addressing menstrual health challenges and empowering girls in the community. Kanzi organisation both in Kenya and in the UK are keen to explore projects to provide sustainable menstrual support for girls attending the schools we work with.

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